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Seed Savers

  • Seed Savers  Black Cumin

    Seed Savers Black Cumin

    Black Cumin Nigella sativa   Also known as Roman coriander, this annual herb is grown for its aromatic black seeds that may be ground and used like pepper. Feathery-leaved plants have soft blue...

  • Seed Savers Amish Melon

    Seed Savers Amish Melon

    Amish Melon Cucumis melo   Amish melon was first offered in the SSE Yearbook in 1983. Oval fruits are 9" long and weigh 4-7 pounds. Sweet orange flesh is very juicy with full muskmelon flavor...

  • Seed Savers Amish Snap Pea

    Seed Savers Amish Snap Pea

    Amish Snap Pea Pisum sativum   Superb snap pea reportedly grown in the Amish community long before present snap pea types. Vines grow 5-6' tall and are covered in 2" translucent green pods...

  • Seed Savers Asian Green Mizuna

    Seed Savers Asian Green Mizuna

    Mizuna Asian Green Brassica rapa   With its narrow white stems and bright green lacy-edged leaves, this elegant Japanese green has a delicious spicy flavor and a texture similar to arugula, but...

  • Seed Savers Asian Green Tatsoi

    Seed Savers Asian Green Tatsoi

    Tatsoi Asian Green Brassica rapa   (Brassica rapa) Emerald spoon-shaped leaves form a compact rosette. Fast growing and vigorous. Mild flavor gets sharper as the leaves mature. Popular as a baby...

  • Seed Savers Bean Cherokee Trail

    Seed Savers Bean Cherokee Trail

    Cherokee Trail of Tears Bean Phaseolus vulgaris   Also known as Cherokee Black, the variety is good as both a snap and a dry bean; when mature, the greenish-purple 6” pods encase shiny...

  • Seed Savers Bean Provider

    Seed Savers Bean Provider

    Provider Bean Known as the most dependable early green bean, this easy-to-grow variety offers excellent flavor and is one of the best for freezing and canning. It germinates well in cooler soil,...

  • Seed Savers Bee Feed Mix

    Seed Savers Bee Feed Mix

    Bee Feed Flower Mix This very colorful early-, mid-, and late-blooming flower mix benefits pollinators all season long. An extraordinary blend of annual and perennial flowers yields nectar and pollen...