Meet Kate.

Jan 10th 2022

HELLO, FRIENDS! Kate here (and Timber, who has her eyes on some squirrels). I’ve been the voice of Growing Trade’s Instagram the past few months, so I wanted to take some time to introduce myself (and let you know what we have planned for this year).

I have 10+ years of experience in the realm of holistic pet care. Helping cat and dog owners find solutions for common issues is one of my greatest passions - no joke. Cat peeing outside of the litter box? Dog getting diarrhea from switching foods? Weight issues? Leash pulling? Picky eaters? I love to talk about it (and I do mean LOVE to talk about it).

As you well know, Growing Trade is a staple of Northside. We provide healthy foods and treats for critters, tools for gardeners and urban farmers, houseplants and seeds, locally made gifts, and more. My goal is to expand our arsenal to the World Wide Web à la blog posts and Instagram content.

Unhealthy animals or pets with behavior issues can be a real struggle - to your wallet, your sanity, and your relationships. I’ve seen all three suffer due to unresolved or untreated ailments. In 2022 we’ll be exploring common issues and finding simple, holistic solutions that could save you an expensive trip to the vet! Stay tuned. (: