Liquid Fertilizer

  • Amplified Cal-Mag 2-0-0 32oz

    Amplified Cal-Mag 2-0-0 32oz

    Cal-Mag Amplified™ Calcium, magnesium and iron supplement. Supercharge growth and satisfy plants that demand additional adjuvent nutrients with their base fertilizer. Cal-Mag Amplified is an ideal choice for supplementing your native soil with pure,...

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  • Bushdoctor Boomerang 16oz.

    Bushdoctor Boomerang 16oz.

    BUSH DOCTOR®BOOMERANG® Comeback Formula 2 - 0.2 - 0.3 Even Mother Nature needs a little help sometimes! Boomerang® lends a hand when the stresses of temperature fluctuations, unintentional neglect, and mineral salt build up knock your...

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  • Bushdoctor Flowers Kiss Foliar Plant Food 16oz.

    Bushdoctor Flowers Kiss Foliar Plant Food 16oz.

    BUSH DOCTOR® FLOWERS KISS® Foliar Plant Food 1.0 - 0.30 - 0.05 Survival of the fittest is a way of life in the rainforest. Layer upon layer of giants lift their foliage to the sky where sunlight, water and nutrients can be claimed. Bush Doctor® Flowers...

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  • Bushdoctor Kangaroots 16oz.

    Bushdoctor Kangaroots 16oz.

    BUSH DOCTOR®KANGAROOTS® Root Drench Inoculant 0.8 - 0.1 - 0.03 Bush Doctor Kangaroots® is a liquid root drench formulation designed to enhance root efficiency in the rhizosphere. Kangaroots® contains nutrients which are immediately...

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  • Bushdoctor Sledgehammer 16oz

    Bushdoctor Sledgehammer 16oz

    BUSH DOCTOR®SLEDGEHAMMER® Nutrient Rinse OMRI Listed® and Registered CDFA Organic Input Material Bush Doctor® SledgeHammer® encourages water movement through soil and soilless media.  High fertilizer use can compromise plant...