• Beco Food Scoop Pink

    Beco Food Scoop Pink

    A scoop made from natural bamboo and rice husk. It's BPA free, strong and durable, lasting for years in the home before breaking down once disposed of. It has a rigid handle and a capacity of 500ml.
  • Messy Mutts Can Cover

    Messy Mutts Can Cover

    Keep your dog or cat’s food fresh and safe. This can cover also prevents spills and keeps unwanted food odors contained. The flexible silicone material makes this cover easy to open, clean and store. Best of all, it will accommodate 3 different can...
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  • Titan Dog Tie Out Heavy 20'

    Titan Dog Tie Out Heavy 20'

    Give your pup the freedom of being outdoors while remaining contained. This Tie-Out Cable allows him to explore freely without a fence. Made from extra-durable hardware to help ensure his safety. Specifically designed for dogs up to 150 pounds...
  • Titan Dog Tie Out Cable Medium 30'

    Titan Dog Tie Out Cable Medium 30'

    For use with dogs up to 50 lbs, the Titan Medium Cable Dog Tie Out is strong and dependable to ensure your dog's safety while enjoying the outdoors. This tie out is manufactured using durable hardware, an industry-leading swaging technique and stringent...
  • Winter Paw Ice Melt 8# Jug

    Winter Paw Ice Melt 8# Jug

    Pestell Paw Thaw Pet Friendly Ice Melter Jug, 12.1 lbs. - Safe, biodegradable ice melter- Fast acting- Breaks the bond between ice and surface area- Will not damage carpets, floors or footwear- Safe for pets
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  • Food Scoop 2 Cups Van Ness FS2

    Food Scoop 2 Cups Van Ness FS2

    The Van Ness Food Scoop makes it easy to dose out graduated measurements, has a comfortable, easy-grip handle and is made of high impact plastic for lasting durability. Scooping has never been so simple! Flat edge for easy scoopingComfortable, ergonomic...
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