Pets & Plants!

Pets & Plants!

Posted by Kate on Jan 16th 2022

Photo by Steffen Petermann.

We just received a BEAUTIFUL lot of nerve plants, hoyas, rabbit foot ferns, pepperonis, and more! (Check out our Instagram reel). Winter drear got you down? Spruce up your home with some show-stopping plants! These varieties are all safe to have around the furry beasts in your home.

Note that not ALL of our plants are safe to have around pets. In fact - many are toxic. While some cats (like Aki and Burt) can abstain from gnawing on potentially harmful plants, other cats simply cannot resist. Before you know it they are going to town on your Peace Lily and you’re making a panicked trip to the vet. Let’s avoid that catastrophe!

If your cat is prone to chomping at any new plant you bring in the house, consider these tips:

  • Provide greens that are cat-safe. Many cats are attached to new plants out of sheer curiosity and novelty. Grow wheat, oat, or barley grass in small containers around your home.
  • Feed a balanced diet. Some cats may be lacking fiber or other nutrients and some plants may provide trace elements or vitamins that may be lacking in their diet.
  • Hang plants out of kitty’s reach. Invest in some locally made macrame hangers (hey, we carry those!) and keep them inaccessible.
  • Forfeit potentially harmful varieties like Alocasia and Dracaena and stick to plants that are non-toxic such as Peperomia and Hoya.
  • Increase exercise and interactive play. Many cats will eat plants out of sheer boredom. Find an irresistible toy. Install a bird feeder outside of your window. Keeping your cat mentally stimulated can help keep them out of trouble.

ASPCA has a comprehensive list of all toxic and non-toxic plants here. When in doubt, give it a Google!